What is Parent Involvement?

Research shows that students with parents who are involved in their children's education achieve more. Exactly what is "parent involvement?" Some parents have the time available to volunteer in a classroom or serve on committees; others have more limited opportunities. Being involved in your children's education at home is actually the best place to begin.

Make a Difference

Below are a few things you can do with your children on a daily basis that will make a difference in their education:

  • Encourage your children to develop a reading habit. Read to or with your children every day. Encourage independent reading and make frequent trips to the library.
  • Provide your children with appropriate reading and writing materials.
  • Take an interest in your children's schoolwork and activities. Talk about what they are learning, look at papers brought home from school, and help with and/or review homework assignments.
  • Designate a workplace for your children, and identify a specific time each day when homework will be completed.
  • Communicate with your children's teachers through notes, phone calls, and visits. Be aware of your children's strengths and weaknesses and ask what role you can play to help your children reach their potential.
  • Play games that help your children read and practice basic math facts and computations.
  • Visit locations such as parks, museums, zoos, colleges and universities, and local landmarks with your children.Provide exposure to activities and experiences to broaden their understanding of the work around them.
  • Make learning relevant. Ask your children to do things such as count money, write grocery lists, calculate costs, read menus, read the newspaper, write letters - that require them to use the information they are learning in school.
  • Talk to and listen to your children every day.