TK ABC fashion show at Ophir!
1 day ago, Spencer Holtom
Partners in crime. Great turnout for Stanford's APTT parent night.
1 day ago, Spencer Holtom
Principal Pietek as the principal taxi. Autumn earned a ride to lunch.
1 day ago, Spencer Holtom
Dear Parents: In order to ensure we receive full State and Federal funding for all students, all families need to complete an Alternative Income Form. All students that still need to turn in a completed form will have one sent home this week. We ask that you please complete the form, sign, date and return to the students teacher/secretary as soon as possible. If you have any questions please contact Tami Deal, at 532-5690 ext. 4153.
4 days ago, OCESD
Apptegy conference for Superintendents. Learning new ways to share and communicate with our school community.
4 days ago, Spencer Holtom
This is awesome Mrs. Lefebevre. Great things happening at Wyandotte.
11 days ago, Spencer Holtom
Awesome things happening at Oakdale Heights.
12 days ago, Spencer Holtom
The agenda for the September 20, 2023, regular meeting of the Board of Trustees may be accessed here:
15 days ago, Superintendent's EA
Goodies with grandparents at Ophir
15 days ago, Spencer Holtom
goodies with grandparents
Matthew Predergast completed his Eagle Scout project, a school landscape improvement project, with Scout Troop 29 at Oakdale Heights Elementary School over the weekend. Thank you Matthew and Troop 29!
19 days ago, OCESD
Improved Landscaping at Oakdale Heights
Scouts working on landscaping project
Improved grass space
Scouts removing Debris
New Marquee at Oakdale!
22 days ago, Spencer Holtom
Mrs. Love's room at Ophir. Reciting the pledge and classroom rules. This class rocks!
24 days ago, Spencer Holtom
OCESD will hold a public hearing regarding the sufficiency of textbooks and instructional materials on Sept. 20, 2023. Public notice can be accessed here:
25 days ago, Shannon Ensminger
Outside lunch at Ishi Hills
about 1 month ago, Spencer Holtom
Thank you Chief Lagrone and Prestige Assisted Living at Oroville for the backpacks for our students.
about 1 month ago, Spencer Holtom
Here is a photo of Dr. Holtom visiting special education classrooms in the district this week.
about 1 month ago, OCESD
Dr Holtom visiting with special education students.
Check out our new sign at SDO
about 1 month ago, Spencer Holtom
Community Reminder: School is back in session, remember to follow the school zone speed limits!
about 1 month ago, OCESD
School Speed Limit 25 When Children are Present sign
Studio students talking with live action news about our new and improved school resource officer program.
about 1 month ago, Spencer Holtom
live action news talking with our students about our SRO or school resource officer program.
Oroville City Elementary now has two mentor teachers to support our new staff navagate the classroom. Please welcome Jen Risley and Whitney Hardcastle.
about 1 month ago, Teresa Lukanik
Jen and Whitney