So, you're going to treat people meanly who treat people meanly to show them that treating people meanly is wrong?!?

Central Middle School and Ishi Hills Middle School have begun Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) classes for students this year!

Our classes are designed to have our students better understand the emotions they go through, how to manage them, what kind of social situations are typical for middle school students and how to manage those as well.  These management skills are practiced in class BEFORE some students even need them, so it is a proactive approach to the things we know can derail students in life.

We have started this class to help better prepare our students to face the challenges of today. The Social Emotional curriculum is centered around teaching our students to be better people as a whole. We want our students to be problem solvers, we want them to self regulate, use self reflection, and use these strategies to make better decisions in every aspect of life.