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Dear OCESD Families


The Oroville City Elementary School District has decided that schools will be open and in session if your student's school site has power. If your student's school site has lost power, that site will be closed until power is restored. All updates will posted on the district website and on our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

As of 11:15 today Ophir Elementary is the only scheduled school to lose power according to the PG&E website. This information is subject to change as the day progresses.

In summary:    

- If a school has power it is school as usual. No power, school is closed until power is restored.

- Updates available on the Oroville City Elementary School District website and on our social media feeds.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why would school need to be closed with power loss?

  • Natural lighting is not sufficient enough to provide a safe learning environment, including restrooms and walking conditions for students and staff in dark classrooms.
  • Difficulty providing safe and refrigerated breakfast and lunches. (milk etc.)
  • Phone and communication lines including some fire alarms may not be inadequate for student safety with the loss of power.
  • Weather is scheduled to very hot this week and schools have heating, air conditioning and ventilation guidelines that must be compliant and without power these become issues.

Does this affect my students attendance?

  • If your school is officially closed then it does not count against them in any way.
  • If your home or business is affected by the power loss and your student was unable to attend school that will be an excused absence.


Spencer Holtom, Ed.D.

Superintendent, Oroville City Elementary School District