Buster Posey

Whitney Hardcastle's 4th grade class at Ophir Elementary made San Francisco Giants baseball cards as a class STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) project. They sent the cards to the Giants. The Giants players signed the cards and took pictures with them!

Ms. Hardcastle said:

Our assignment: We did a STEAM unit revolving around baseball. For the Art portion of this unit, students researched a current Giants player and created a new baseball card for them, we also included a letter to each player. After sharing the project with a player's wife, she let me hand deliver the baseball cards to her and she got every player to take a picture with the signed baseball card from my class. Now, I just have to get down to SF to go pick them up! :) 

The Room 26 News also scooped this story (starting at the 2:51 mark of this video)

Check out all of the great photos! Thank you San Francisco Giants!