Message from Superintendent Dr. Penny Chennell-Carter

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s):

I hope that you and your children are enjoying the school year. We have a very dedicated staff that is committed to providing a first-class education in a safe, clean, and positive school environment. Our District Vision is to achieve excellence in education through the success of all our students and staff. Our Mission is to empower all of our students to be successful life-long learners and citizens. We cannot achieve our vision and mission without your ongoing support. I know that many of you volunteer in the classroom and go on fieldtrips with your children. You also attend our evening school activities. Thank you so much for giving your time to help your students both at home and at school.


Each of our eight schools is very unique. They are all implementing the Common Core State Standards and using technology to teach students the skills of communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. The staff is very excited to do more with one-on-one computing. Several teachers are using Google Classroom and various Google applications to engage students and have them share with one another. Our principals are beginning to “tweet” our school activities and share them on the District homepage. Please check out the tweet feed on the bottom right-hand side of the OCESD home page. Click on the blue highlighted words to see the tweet and pictures.

Many of you attended Bird Street School as students and now have children and grandchildren at the school. During this school year, teachers are implementing the new math curriculum, Everyday Math. Several staff members are piloting some new language arts programs and integrating more technology into their daily lessons. The new principal, Mr. O’Brien, enjoys greeting students and parents at the beginning of each school day. Each month, he invites parents to “Coffee with the principal” so that he can answer questions about the school and involve you in the many activities. Be sure you try to attend at least once during the year.

At Central Middle School, there is an emphasis on quality academic and elective programs to meet individual needs and interests. The site has a model special education “push-in” program with a new learning center. The school also offers a “Royally-Fit” program in conjunction with their physical education class. Many students participate in the award-winning band program.

Ishi Hills Middle School students also participate in the awarding-winning Central/Ishi Hills band program. During the current school year, teachers are piloting new English/language arts curricula and using more one-on-one devices to engage students and encourage collaboration. They are also offering several elective classes, including a new class in robotics.

Oakdale Heights has numerous community groups that provide activities for the Oakdale children. In collaboration with their community partners, the school has a strong child nutrition program and a newly-renovated lower playground. Together with the leadership of New Principal John Bettencourt, the staff works as a “family” and uses professional learning communities to discuss the new math adoption, newly-piloted English/language arts curriculum, and Next Generation Science Standards.

Ophir School turns 50 this year! The Parent/Teacher group is planning several activities to celebrate this special year. With the support of the PTO, Ophir will continue to integrate art and music into their curriculum with a culmination spring musical and art show. New to Ophir this year is the offering of a before school program from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. that provides supervision, tutoring, and breakfast.

The Sierra del Oro students are in their newly-renovated building which reopened this past spring after the fire in May of 2014. The staff is always working together to provide a quality program for the preschool students. During the current school year, they are exploring the use of technology to better meet the needs of their diverse student group.

Stanford Avenue School is buzzing with WE STEM activities (wellness, science, technology, engineering, and math) at all grade levels. Principal Dr. Shannon Capshew and teachers are planning several hands-on evening activities to engage students and their families in the many STEM learning activities. Many students attended the first event in November which included hotdogs for those who completed the required tasks. The feeling of pride and commitment to interactive, project-based learning is pervasive throughout the school!

Wyandotte Academy has a new heating and air conditioning system, back playground area, and several outdoor drinking fountains. The academy is continuing to focus on college and career readiness with a strong emphasis on the use of technology for teaching and learning. Principal Todd Dowell and the new Parent Teacher Organization welcome parents who want to support the many school activities.

Don’t forget that OCESD offers an exciting, redesigned independent study/homeschool program for students in Grades K-8. Teacher Nicole Spence Kreider and the Independent Family Learning Center (IFLC) have moved to the Ophir campus, but parents can also access the program at Central Middle School if that is more convenient. Ms. Spence Kreider can be reached at (530) 216-8170.

I am extremely proud to be the superintendent of the Oroville City Elementary School District. I look forward to seeing you throughout the school year.