Returning Students

Students who were attending at the end of the 2018/19 school year and wish to continue for the 2019/20 year will be required to have a parent or guardian complete the online "Student Data Confirmation Process" via the online Aeries "Parent Portal". Flyers were sent out at the end of the year with instructions and the necessary student information for portal accounts to be created. Once you have created a portal account you will wait for notification that the confirmation process is ready to be accessed. The Data Confirmation Process will be required in order for your student to receive a schedule or appear on a class list.

Please note, you will need an active, working email address to complete this process.

If you cannot find your instructions, please contact your school's office starting August 6, 2019. 


If your student is new to Oroville City Elementary, you need to complete a new enrollment packet. Packets are currently available at the Oroville City Elementary District office located at 2795 Yard Street from 8 to 4 pm, Monday-Friday. Starting on Tuesday, August 6th, school site office staff will be available to provide packets and accept completed ones.

Need help with enrollment? 

Email us now at EnrollMe@OCESD.net